Is there any way to change the output to a MOV file?

I’m pretty new to this shotcut thing and I’ve noticed that whenever I edit a video it saves the file as a MLT file. I can’t play MLT on my computer as I’m running Windows 10. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to change it or if it’s possible to change it. And if you can’t change it how do you suppose I should go about converting it?

mlt is your project file. Under export you can either use your own export settings or choose from a preset, but .mov is not among them at least from what I can see. Does it have to be a mov for any particular reason?

All the DNxHD presets export to mov. Also the two intermediate/ProRes presets export to mov as well.

In the export widget, you can select the output video container in “format”

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Here’s a video about how to get to the export menu, if that’s unclear:

And here’s a gif:

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Thank you so much, was looking all around for that. You are a rock star!