Is there any way to change default font & size of titles?

When adding titles, is there any way to change default font and font size? This would save a lot of time for those who use titles a lot. Current default is Verdana.

You mean the ‘text filter’ ??

Font size is easily changed

Yes, I know. And I have to do this every single time, even within the same project. (I’ve been adding lyrics to foreign-language song videos, for language learning purposes. I have to go the process of changing the font for each new verse.) I would prefer to change the default font and size so I don’t have to keep changing it from Verdana over and over again.

My mistake, I skipped the word ‘default’ in your first post.

No worries. So I gather that the user must make any changes each time? If so, I will put a suggestion in the suggestion box.

There IS a way to set the defaults!

And I have two other suggestions for text. I’ll start with them:

  1. You could make a new Preset, setting your text just the way you like it and clicking the “+” button next to “Preset.” This way, if “Song Title” and “Verse Lyrics” had different font size or styles or whatever, you could easily recall those settings.
  2. When I’m using an image for text overlay, like a blank PNG or a bar at the bottom of the screen so the text shows up nicely, I’ll stretch the image out to the whole length of where I need text, set my text settings, then right-click on the clip and Split At Playhead wherever I want the text contents to change (like the lyrics for each verse), and go through and change the words for each clip.

As for setting the defaults:
If you go into your Shotcut folder (I have the standalone; I assume for people who used the installer it would be somewhere in Program Files), then:
there is a file called "ui.qml"
and if you open this file with a simple text editor (like NotePad or TextEdit), you can change the defaults!
Of course, it’s always a good idea to make a backup copy of this file before editing it, and I assume that future Shotcut updates will overwrite this file.

The suggestion, I think, should be that the default behavior of this filter will automatically READ the Default preset (if it exists), instead of essentially creating a new set of parameters each time and then writing them TO the Default preset in the User directory (which appears to be what it’s doing now).

Thank you! Very useful information.

Hi! I may be missing something here, but why not copy/paste the first clip which has the text filter applied (using the copy icon then the down arrow icon), to further along the video track, then move it to where you want it to appear next, and just change the text as necessary? The font size should be copied too unless I have got it wrong.

I’m just adding here that the font size option was only introduced from v.18.01 onwards (January 2018). Before then you had to manually and visually change the font size by dragging the text boundary box borders. Hope this may help someone who is perhaps using a previous version.

Good idea but since I have specific text applied to corresponding images, I would be destroying the coherence of the video.

Ah, I see, sorry. I had (wrongly) assumed that you put your subtitles on a separate video track. This technique is brilliant because it gives you great control over when and for how long your subtitles appear. The procedure involves adding a text filter to clip set to zero opacity (ie transparent) on a separate video track. The text then shows through on your main video.

If you search “Shotcut One World” in Youtube you should see my tutorial of how I made a video title for a video I made called “One World”. I used the above technique - although I used it for video titles you can adopt it for subtitles. Hope this might help!

Good suggestion - should save a lot of needless repetitive action. Thanks!
Still, it would be even easier if one could simply set the default font, at least for a given project.

Yes, I agree, that would be a handy feature…

Just wondering, is there a way to get the font larger than 72? I’m trying to get the entire text overlay to cover something else on the video