Is there any way how to remove a backround?

I wanted to know if there was any way to replace a backround with a new one, without using green screen.

No, there is not. For that you’d have to go up to more expensive software that allows for some of the background element removal features akin to those in Photoshop, usually as part of a rotoscoping toolset, or at the very least basic paintable/vector animated masking tools.

With Shotcut, you’d have to export the frames, mask them in a graphics editor, and import them back in. Which is essentially the same approach, except you make round-trips between applications.

Aside: rotoscoping grunt work is no fun - use a chroma key screen whenever you can.

Ok so, I can do this but it would be very difficult? Or is it just Impossible

Within Shotcut itself? Impossible short of some extreme contortionist moves with a bunch of filters - I wouldn’t go down that path. If you need this functionality, see if kdenlive works out for you - it does have a simple vector-based masking feature that can be used for rotoscoping, or check which other alternatives do offer it… most of the commercial ones will.

You really need to use the forum search function, many of your questions have already been answered numerous times.

Thanks for info

You can remove background of your video if your video has a green background using the chroma key filter in shotcut to remove the background. But if the object or person is moving too much then chroma key wouldn’t look so pretty and there would be green lines around the object. If you didn’t understand it then you can watch videos related tochroma key in shotcut.

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Yes, there is, try out this one:
It helps to remove the background from video without a green screen, usually works good
I like it because it works automatically, so you don’t have to spend too much time editing

I have tried this website, it takes me 20 minutes for a 54 secs video.

For a way of doing this that is free of charge and uses OBS and ZOOM see Kevin Stratvert’s excellent tutorial at:

This has various options you can use to spice up your video.


Oh, really? When did you use the service? I have tried to edit the 2 min video a couple of days ago and it took about 2-3 minutes…

3 months ago.