Is there any simple and easy method to rotate my text without rotating the video

I want to rotate my text in shotcut, but i didn’t find any simple method.
there are few methods like html overlay, and 3D text , but i don’t know how to use them
I don’t have any idea about html, will anyone help.

If you Have Switched to newer version
I made this video for you, Maybe this will help You:-


Sounds like you’re working with an older version of Shotcut.
Current version of Shotcut does not have those filters.

When you update to the new version, and for others who are reading:

Create a new Video track above all others
Open Other - Color - Transparent
Drag that transparent color clip to the new video track.

  • Text:Simple
  • Size, Position & Rotate

Depending up on the position of the text clip, will directly affect settings with Rotation, Horizontal Fit & Vertical Fit of the Size, Position & Rotate filter.


You need to just use size, position and rotate filter.

The OP talks about Text: HTML and Text: 3D, so he using an old version of Shotcut that does not have the Size, Position & Rotate filter, so he should use the Rotate & Scale filter instead, or upgrade to the latest version of Shotcut.

Ty @Elusien, I tend to write replies to current versions, rather than revisit older versions.
I had failed to indicate which version the instructions are for. And it appears I’m behind one version, lol. :rofl:

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