Is there any significance to 134 pixels between each line in the ruler under the default zoom level? Would there be any instability if it's 150 pixels?

No one appears to have complained about it, so I don’t know if this requires a change.

There are about 134 pixels between each line under the default zoom. I’m presuming that one pixel is one frame at this zoom level. The time labels are 2:13, 4:27, 6:40, 8:54 for the first four for 60fps. 4:15, 9:01, 13.17, and 18:03 for 30fps.

I can easily edit Ruler.qml and change 134 to 150. Now, the time labels are 2:30, 5:00, 7:31, 10:01 for 60fps, and 5:00, 10:00, 15:01, and 20:01 for 30fps. Those look like more meaningful numbers to me. I find it easier to do interpolation from these numbers, so to speak.

If I increase the zoom level, the time labels remain about the same. This is useful. If I decrese the zoom level, the time labels change, but it’s less of an issue. It’s much better to have less lines and time labels in the ruler anyway.

Is there going to be any stability issues if I change it, maybe due to this 134 number used anywhere else in the code?

No, it will not affect stability. It was largely an arbitrary decision to make something that is not too long or short such that it causes a major slowdown to re-render the timeline ruler. qml/views/keyframes also has a Ruler.qml that is set to 100.

Okay, thanks Dan. I’ll take a look at Ruler.qml in the keyframes folder as well.

I found a comfortable interval in the keyframe pane as well. I’ll mark this thread solved.

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