Is there any presets pack for shotcut?

So I just want to have one or more presets pack for transitions and stuff like that. The shotcut transitions come built in by default is quite cool but not many. I want more transitions to keep my video cool. Thanks!

Not sure what you mean by “presets pack” but you can take a look at some of the transitions here.

Thanks So Much

How many do you need? I don’t call 2 dozen ‘not many’. Plus you can adjust each transition via the properties.
Shotcut has more than most people need and frankly most pros don’t use all those wipes/slides and so on.
You can add custom transitions if you know how to make them (I don’t).

I don’t know if the custom transitions work anything like this in Shotcut, but in professional video it is called an external key.

Using an external program you would make an image consisting of two colors: color #1 and color #2, say black and white. In use, color #1 is replaced by video A and color #2 is replaced by video B. If you want a simple wipe just animate the image. The user can make any shape or style of wipe he wants.

If you want to get fancy, make a 3-color image. Color #1 is replaced by Video A and color #2 is replaced by video B. Color #3 is not replaced. You could then create a wipe with a colored border, the border being in color #3.

Note that in this simple implementation the images themselves remain static and are not altered.

Any black & white image (such as those in the link from @sauron - cheers for that) can be used by Shotcut as a custom transition. I’ve experimented with it and the results can be very interesting. When you select the custom option you can navigate to the folder/image you wish to use, but for ease of use it’s better to save it in the same folder as the presets.

What file format are these animated images generally?

JPG like the default options. Make certain that the aspect ratio matches your output though for the best effects.

The bottom of our resources page has a list of sources for these images.
Some filters have presets other than “(defaults)” but not all. I added a bunch of animated (keyframes) ones for the Size and Position filter for v18.06.

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What is the preferred file format for animated custom transitions, such as a wipe?

16-bit PGM followed by PNG. JPEG is the worst choice since it has compression artifacts.