Is there any ''Brush tool''?

Hi. Is there any ‘‘brush tool’’ or something? If so, how can I use it?

No. Shotcut does not have a brush tool.

If you would describe in some detail what you would like to achieve with a “brush” tool, there may be someone on the forum who could explain how you could do that in a different way that is supported by Shotcut.

I would like to create that scribble effect which is used in a lot of music videos. I thinck you know what i’m talking about. I’m looking forward for an answer.

Doing what you want is not easy. It can be done reasonably with Shotcut but requires a lot of time and effort.

This demo took about an hour to do from start to finish. I used Gimp for a crude scribble. Put the scribble into Shotcut. Key framed the mask filter to expose it. Then added the video. Used the size and position filter to adjust the mask position. It’s pretty crude but with time and patience it can be done.

Gimp can produce animated gifs. I’m sure there are other applications that can produce the animation required to get this to work.

It might be possible with HTML and CSS.

Shotcut is a video editor. The animation has to be done separately. Then it can be brought into Shotcut and composed and exported.

Crude scribble


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