Is there an alternative method to do this?

Periodically, a clip repeats on the timeline. The sample video used text, but it could also be text, picture or video.
Do you have an alternative method suggestion to do this?

I have no idea about what you’re talking because I can’t play the video (403 forbidden).


another link:

Here’s a super-hack method that’s also super fast…

Exit Shotcut and edit the project MLT XML file in a text editor. (Make a backup first!) Tracks are represented by <playlist> elements. Using the video above as an example, find the playlist that represents V2. It will contain an alternating pattern of <entry> and <blank> elements. Copy and paste those two elements back-to-back as many times as needed. Then reopen the project in Shotcut.

This is with a 60fps video mode.
I only moved the position box once to get my settings of 1272, 1081 (hidden).
Then only changed the numerical values for each keyframe after.
Essentially you could make up a Blinky MLT file with 4 seconds so you only have to do this once.

blinky.mlt (4.1 KB)

I guess we should be able to create an html page with flashing text, then use the text:html filter

Will it be faster ?

thanks for your method.
but. isn’t your method more troublesome?
because keyframes can not be copied.
sorry. my english is not good

Once a 4-second clip has been set up with keyframes, the entire clip can be copied and pasted as many times as needed, which will preserve keyframes within each clip.

That is a perception/opinion of how you use time and resources.

You can also save the actions of the keyframes as preset.
Then you can edit the preset, possibly easier than doing it in Shotcut.
notepad  _2020-05-07_17-12-03
notepad  _2020-05-07_16-56-57

My point is you only have to build it once, and can be used for multiple projects.

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You don’t need to use the text filter for keyframing.
You could also use the Mask: Simple Shape, Size and Position, Rotate & Scale.
This is using the Mask: Simple Shape. 1920x1080, 60fps Video Mode

Edit… meant to reply to @MesutAkcan

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