Is there a website where I can get copyright-free background music?

Hi Shotcut family. I would like to know if you have some great website to get copyright-free bgm? I want to make my video more attractive. It doesn’t matter if the music can’t be downloaded because i usually use recmaster to get the sound. What I want to make sure is that it is not copyrighted. Thx in advance!

In the past I’ve used the music section pf Pixabay:

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If you are publishing your video on YouTube you can find hundreds of royalty free music tracks in YouTube studio. Left hand menu scroll down to Audio Library.

There is also free sound, a creative Commons sound archive collaborative effort.

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If you are on YouTube, there is a lot of great music in the Audio library.
Just go to Creator’s Studio, then on the left side, is the Audio library.

Titles don’t mean much, you just need to go through each one yourself to find the best ones you would use.


Careful with this, the license only covers videos posted on YouTube.

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Thank you very muuuuuuuch! It is a great website :laughing:

Thank you! it really helps me!

Thanks for your nice sharing! :star_struck:

See Shotcut - Resources and #music

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wow Thank you very much!

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