Is there a way to ripple multi-move?

I’m working with 3 video tracks, and each video track has 2-3 audio tracks associated with it.

When editing, is there a way to move four tracks at once, and shift everything later in the timeline over?

I can enable ripple, move the video track over, then each of the three audio tracks, and it does what I need. However, if I multiselect all four tracks, it will not ripple anything further down the timeline on those tracks.

Of course, this needs to be possible without shifting everything. I need to ripple the subsequent clips for those four tracks, but leave the other two video and five audio tracks in place as they were.

  1. Turn on the Ripple and Ripple All Tracks toolbar buttons.
  2. Click the padlock icon on the track heads of the tracks that shouldn’t move.
  3. Drag a single clip to its new location. All the other clips will move with it.
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Annoying, but doable. Thanks. My edit history is going to be full of locks and unlocks in addition to the mutes and unmutes now.

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