Is there a way to recreate a datamosh effect?

so i have a small YouTube channel where i make memes (not animation memes, more or less the style of dolan dark or dr. grandayy if you know them) and have seen a lot of memes that use what I just found out is called datamoshing, and I think it looks really cool and was wondering if there was a way to recreate it in shotcut, because I dont feel like pirating a copy of after effects right now lol
does anyone know a way to do this? are there filters similar to this? thanks!

You mean what is explained here?

yes! i was looking for a way to create that effect in shotcut, or if its possible to create in shotcut at all.

I don’t have that much experience to achieve this (at least in a simple and fast way).
However showing the effect you want to achieve is useful so that other users may be able to help you.
So, I linked to the video to clarify the query.
I’m sorry I can’t help more.

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