IS there a way to make a video swaying?

Is there a way to make a video sway left to right? Because im trying to make a montage and I want every montage to be better than the last

‘Panning’ requires keyframes which aren’t available yet but is highest on the raodmap of features to be added.

Oh okay, when is the next update, im looking forward to it…

Shotcut is updated each month. Usually within the first days. But new features are only added when they are ready.
Meanwhile, try Da Vinci Resolve for panning and zooming.

is that in the filters section?

No, no. It’s another video editing application. Huge learning curve but massively more powerful.

Download 12.5 (Not the Studio version)
It’s free.

Then go on YouTube and see:

Thanks, but is there a pan/zoom feature that for example you could make the video shift the the right or something?

[1] No, you cannot pan/zoom in ShotCut becuase to do so requires keyframes. Shotcut has no keyframe capability. It’s coming, it is on the top of the features listed on the Road map but this does NOT mean it will be available in the NEXT update, it only means it’s at the highest priority and will appear when it’s ready

[2] I suggested that you could download Da Vinci Resolve 12.5 (free version) because it CAN DO panning and zoomin becuase it has the key frame capability required for such effects.
If your PC can run ShotCut well enough it will be able to run DVR.

In short. Panning and Zooming

Got it now? :slight_smile: