Is there a way to green screen?

i still dont know ALL there is to it in the editor, but if there isn’t a way to green screen (which i highly doubt there is) it would be really nifty.

2 green screen filters.
Chroma Key Simple.
Chroma key Advanced.

image .

You need to have footage that’s shot with an actual green screen in the back, something with a green color to it.

Once you have that, then you can Chroma Key out the green, replacing it with something else you want to show.

In this example…
V2 : Main Video with green screen (example screen capture is really bad)
V1: Image to be shown once the Chroma Key filter is applied and adjusted.

Where it says Key color, click the eyedropper symbol and get the green color from your source video. Then adjust Distance to get the best result. This poor screenshot will now allow me to fully Chroma Key out all of the green, where the Chroma Key Advanced might be of more use.

Then you get this result.

This is a good example though of poor lighting and shadows on a green screen and what can make it harder to get the result you want.

There are numerous green screen setup tutorials on YouTube. The better you set up your green screen the easier it is to effectively use Choma Key Simple.

The green screen capture is actually from this Green Screen How To video on YouTube (not my video).

There are two filters to green screen in the Shotcut video editor.

  1. Chroma key: simple
  2. Chroma key: advanced

Using these video filters you can remove your green screen in Shotcut.
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