Is There A Way To Export Slower With Same Quality?

I find that my CPU is always running at 90-100% when I’m exporting something. To reduce strain on my computers CPU for long periods of time I was wondering if there is a way where I can export in a less intense way? (I’m fine with longer exports if my CPU is running less & my computer fan isn’t always on during exporting).

From version 24.01 you can pause and restart export when processor is not so busy or continue when you are not using the notebook

in Export choose among the following:

  • turn off Video > Parallel processing
  • turn on hardware encoder
  • set Codec > Threads to a small number like 4 (depends on your core count, maybe use half) when not using hardware encoder. 1 is not suggested unless you have a lot of patience.

If I have hardware encoder turned on, will editing the Codec Threads do anything? I assume that changing the value of Codec > Threads just changes the speed at which you export correct?


No it’s only for software encoders

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