Is There A Way To Embed Videos In Posts From Mega?

If you upload a video on mega it offers an embed code that can be used to post just the video for playback. The embed code they give doesn’t seem to work in this forum though. Is there a way to embed videos from mega here in this forum?

Just copy the video url and paste it in the reply box shotcut will automatically embed it.

That doesn’t work with mega.

Ok, actually I don’t use mega so I thought that copy and pasting url could work also in mega and now I don’t have any suggestions for this. So, You can callout @shotcut for this embedding problem.

I mentioned his tag so he will be notified and then he will solve your problem.

Please do not tag me on nearly every post. I read this, and the answer is I doubt it, and I do not volunteer to investigate it with the forum software project.

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