Is there a way to disable optimize media?

Shotcut doesn’t support proxy, and I just know it uses optimized media. Is there an option to enable or disable the generation of optimized media? Thanks

Optimized media is called “Edit-friendly” in Shotcut, and it is not generated automatically. It is only created when you choose to convert it in Properties. Are you certain you are using Shotcut?

Thanks a lot.
I think I just misunderstood your answer to a post talking about proxy clip :frowning:
“My opinion (and how I will approach proxy integration into Shotcut) is that often you should have the option (default on) to generate optimized (edit-friendly) media at the same time as proxy.

So if I need to edit some highly compressed media, for example, 4K H.264, there is no way to create any proxy media, but I can choose to convert it to edit friendly format in properties. Then I apply the filters, subtitles, and many other edits to that converted media.
Will that affect the generation file as I just want to edit with edit friendly video, but still get H.264 4K output.

You can still output in H.264 when you do use that with little-to-no loss in quality.

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