Is there a way to backward 15 frames or 0.5 second in the timeline

Hello everyone; I’m seeking your help, please.
I know there are keyboard shortcuts to seek rapidly in the timeline, but I didn’t find anything for a specific number of frames, for example, 15 frames or 0.5 seconds.

Forward 1 Second Page Down
Backward 1 Second Page Up
Forward 2 Seconds Shift+Page Down
Backward 2 Seconds Shift+Page Up
Forward 5 Seconds Ctrl+Page Down
Backward 5 Seconds Ctrl+Page Up
Forward 10 Seconds Ctrl+Shift+Page Down
Backward 10 Seconds Ctrl+Shift+Page Up

Hi @dar_dariba
We had a discussion on that subject here:

Many ideas were brought to the discussion and @brian said that although he’d put it on his to-do list, it is not a priority.

@MusicalBox Thank you so much for your reply and help, I really appreciate it.

@MusicalBox is there a way to get the @Namna’s graphical tool to skip forward/back a set number of frames. it’s exactly what I need. Thank you so much for your help

Namna’s skip tool plugin no longer works with the latest versions of Shotcut.
Contact me in a PM, I’ll give you more info.

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For the next release we are adding a configurable jump shortcut


Thank you Brian, this feature is very helpful, and it speeds my workflow up.
Thank you so much


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