Is There A Way To Alter The Position Of A Transition?

What is your operating system?
Mac OS 10
What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
21.2.15 - 64-bit (I think)

**Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
It’s less a problem, per se more than a odd feature. If you create a transition by dragging two clips till they overlap, then right click you get a bunch of options – let’s say you choose “Iris Box” – you can’t control where the transition originates from (as far as I can see).

In other words, you can create a transition, but have no control over where in the frame it begins.

This sounds to me like a problem (though not necessarily a bug) because it can be avoided (by not using transitions in this fashion) which is a solution that defeats the point.

And if someone from Shotcut’s end chooses to respond that would be awesome, but not if they’re doing it as any attack (which I have encountered) because not only does that not help anyone, it defeats the point of a forum.

The second way to do transitions is to do them with one clip on top of the other. On the clip above you choose the Mask: From File filter. That filter will allow you to also make transitions and give you more control. Try it out and see if it suits your needs.


I get that though that doesn’t under normal conditions offer the control I’m looking for though what you suggested next video!

Hi @Philez
This might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a way to select precisely where you want the transition to start.

  1. Make sure Snapping is ON
  2. Move the Playhead at the position you want the transition to begin. You can fine-tune the position by placing your mouse cursor in the time counter and go back or forward with the mouse wheel.
  3. Slide the right clip over the left clip until it snaps at the position of the Playhead.

You can also edit a transition if you need to

If the clips in the timeline were cut from longer video files, you can edit the transition in both directions

When I read the original post, it seems to me he asking for control over the center of the box or circle in an iris wipe, the angle of a diagonal, or the size of a matrix.

I saw that too @shotcut ,
But when he says but have no control over where in the frame it begins I thought he meant that he finds it difficult to know exactly where to move the clip when doing a transition.

Let me clarify. As a point of reference I’m assuming you’ve seen Looney Tunes cartoons because they consistently use an iris-like transition just before “That’s All Folks!” comes on the screen.

That transition (and I know I’m referring to a cartoon though you can probably see examples of it in a live-action setting. I recall “I Love Lucy” used it consistently though shows that mimic an older time period often do as well) begins at the center of the screen, and moves outward (or inward, if reversed).

When I add an iris transition (to the overlap of two clips) a transition does turn up, but it’s off to the right.

What I’m looking to do is to move the position of where the iris transition begins (or ends). I want it to be in the center of the frame but ideally you could put it wherever in the frame you choose.

I hope that makes my goal clearer.

I do not know how to reproduce that using the supplied wipes. It always centered for me. Perhaps you have added a filter to the transition. Yes, that is possible! Or possibly what you see in the preview is a bad side effect of proxy or preview scaling.

Today the only way to gain spatial positioning control like you want is with Custom… and a grayscale image or video. There are a bunch at to give you the idea. So, it is possible to achieve what you want today but not in the UI as a parameter as you suggest.

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