Is there a quick way to add a simple transition between multiple clips?

I have a trail camera that only shoots nightime video of 20" duration per clip. I have one sequence involving 32 consecutive clips which I wish to export as one continuous sequence.

I’d like the same simple cross-fade transition between each clip. Is there a quick way of doing this using Shotcut 21.05.01? or must each transition be added separately?

Thanks for any advice.

I believe the simple answer is “No”.

The primary reason is that be cross-fading your videos, you are altering the time sequence.
Assume a two-second crossfade. When clip #22 is displaying 01:59:59:03 realtime, clip #23 is displaying 02:00:01:03 realtime. How is Shotcut to know how much you want to stagger the clips in time like that?

I will suggest a different workflow, which will be reasonably quick, and i believe produce a better result.

  1. pick a representative only-vegetation frame and export it as a PNG file.
  2. pull all of your clips for a night into the playlist.
  3. check that the files are in order on the playlist
  4. create tracks V1 and V2
  5. drag all of the playlist clips to V2 (that should put them in order abutting one another on the timeline.)
  6. bring the PNG to the playlist, and then to track V1. stretch it to the full length of the timeline
  7. in the second clip, add filters Fade In Video and Fade Out Video. check the opacity box on both
  8. click the Copy Filters button
  9. on all the other clips, select, then click Paste Filters.
  10. adjust the fades on the first and last clips.

Now time will be exactly preserved through the video, and every twenty minutes, the video will fade to the still image of the trail for a moment before fading to the next clip.

Excellent reply! Many thanks Kagsundaram both for the very succinct ‘no’ and the workaround. I will give the latter a go - aspecially as the weather forecast here is dire for the next few days and anything is better than doing my accounts which is what I should be doing.

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Playlist > menu > Generate Slideshow. Works with videos too and you can set the duration to a very high value and it will only use the playlist items’ durations.


Thanks Dan.

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