Is there a good way to do smooth stops?

is there a good way to make smoother stops than the ones that keyframes do by default? I want something that stops smoothly, but It just stops suddenly (see the attached video, if I did it right lol). Is there a good way to do this?

Hi @ProCraftGamin

Try the Smooth keyframe type.
The difference is subtil but it’s there.


hey, thanks for the response. The video I attached is already using the smooth keyframes, but thanks for the help anyways!

Add more Keyframes. You need to mimic a curve because you want the speed of movement to slow over time. Think: how do I simulate a rough curve using only straight lines? By using more line segments whose end points follow the course of the curve. Same principle. With smooth Keyframes and just another keyframe or two you can do it.

To get a better understanding experiment on a parameter that supports a graphical plot in the Keyframes panel such as Rotation. Size and Position does not show a graphical plot because it is four values that are keyframed together rather than a single value that can plotted.

@UbitronicsUK gave a good example of this in his recent tutorial:

Thanks, is there a reason the smooth keyframes don’t do this already?

ok, thank you!

One way to tailor the “smoothness” would be to provide the keyframes with an “easing function” option that determines the shape of the curve, like that provided in CSS animations. For visual examples of these functions see the following webpage and choose the function.

or here (hover over the graph):

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Correct, Shotcut does not provide canned easing curves. You need to do that yourself by making the curve. The smooth keyframes mainly help you to make the curve smoother or often with fewer points (keyframes), or they simply help smooth the transitions between keyframes. Shotcut basically offers freeform easing but without the convenience of simple easing, which is already on the road map.

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