Is there a difference between the windows store version of Shotcut compared to the online download version?

I was just really curious since Shotcut on the Windows Store costs £8 and the online version is free. I’d expect there to be some more features if it costs as much as £8.

Shotcut is open source software for which the developer does not charge. It is part of the agreement that people are free to repackage it and sell it. Ebay has a number of people selling it on CD/DVD too.
The best way to stay up to date and get the latest version is to keep in touch with this forum. Just yesterday the Beta of the next iteration was posted here.

The MS Store description claims:

By purchasing Shotcut through the Microsoft Store you support the developers

This and the automatic updates appear to be the difference.

In the footer it says:

Published by


I publish the version in the store. The only difference is in packaging and signing as required by the store process. Otherwise, as mentioned by @qubodup the other difference is that updates are automated via the store. The reason I charge money is because I make a living through the advertisements on the web site. If you no longer come to the web site to get updates, then you are not being served ads. I could have chosen to not publish in the store, but I wanted to prevent someone else from doing it (it already happened on Apple store not as Shotcut but as an illegitimate fork). Also, I simply wanted to get the option and brand in front of people who are looking in the store for a solution. In that case, it is like marketing. If it leads people to the web site to learn more and learn it is free though the web site, that is fine and a win-win situation.


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