Is the Overlay HTML filter due to be renamed?

Question for @shotcut - I see from Github:

that you have changed some coding to remove “HTML” from the name of some filters. I’m curious to know if the Overlay HTML filter is about to be renamed in v.19.06? Or will it still exist?

If it is changed, guess I’ll have to do a bit of re-editing on my new Overlay HTML tutorials …:roll_eyes::open_mouth:


It will now be “Text: HTML” to presented as an option alongside “Text: 3D” and “Text: Simple”

Ah, OK, thanks! One of the risks of making tutorials when things can change I guess… :roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved:

Just to add that it’s great how SC evolves and improves each month. Amazing work and dedication by @shotcut. :+1::grinning: I will happily re-edit my “Overlay HTML” tutorial videos to reflect the name-change.

Just another couple of thoughts - will the Text:HTML filter be essentially the same as the Overlay HTML filter, just renamed?

And will users still be able to use @elusien’s Webvfx framework with the new version of Webvfx?

What impact, if any, will this have on projects created with previous versions that use text?

Also, will we still be able to open projects created in previous versions which include the Overlay HTML filter?


No negative impact.

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