Is Swirl filter going to stay or be removed?


v20.06 BETA
I notice:

Deprecated the following video filters. These will be removed in the next version.
Text: 3D
Text: HTML
Just curious why Swirl is going to be removed, I like it a lot. It’s very fun and interesting.
Is there any way we can keep it in Shotcut? Maybe I am misunderstanding something.

It has to do with a future upgrade of Qt not supporting WebVfx which is the technology that those listed filters use.

If you’re interested in more about this check out this thread:

I see. Thank you for that link.
So I guess I’ll keep this Shotcut v20.06 BETA installed, for when I use Swirl filter,
even as I install any future versions of Shotcut.

My plan is to install v20.06 on my PC and name it Shotcut_with_WebVfx. Then whenever I want to use WebVfx features I’ll use this one. Of course this will probably have to be at the end of processing, since the MLT file from this will not be compatible with Shotcut versions going forward.

See here for how to install multiplt versions of Shotcut:

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