Is Shotcut good for creating tutorial videos?


I am new user of shotcut here. I really liked the simplicity of the app. Its community is engaging in the forum and I also see tutorials about it on Youtube. I wanted to ask the community if they recommend using shotcut for creating tutorial videos or programming courses. The other editing tools like Camtasia and Democreator have pretty handy drag and drop options for editing. These are the topics I am making the comparison on:

  1. transitioning
  2. pan and zoom
  3. remove/ blur background
  4. cursor highlighting
  5. cursor spotlight
  6. cursor magnify
  7. text animations
  8. customizable lower thirds
  9. annotations in boxes
  10. line, arrow, shapes
  11. openers and end credits
  12. captioning
  13. youtube subscribe, like animation media
  14. stock media: audio, images, video

Is it possible that I can create something one time and make use of it in future projects like just drag and drop on the timeline?

The quick answer: Yes you can do all this with Shotcut.
And almost everything can be saved as a preset, including clips with multiple filters and keyframes.

Here’s an example:
I quickly made this very simple Like and Sub button using only Shotcut. No external images.

It uses two clips, one for the button and one for the cursor. The cursor is created with a text filter and a cursor font.

Select and Copy the button clip, paste it in a .txt file and save the file
Select and copy the cursor clip, paste it in a .txt file and save the file.

In any project, copy the content of each file and paste it to the timeline:

Here are the files if you want to test them.
button.txt (4.8 KB)
cursor.txt (1.6 KB)

You’ll need the Cursor font to display the cursor correctly, it’s available for free on Dafont:


Maybe I made the Like & Sub button too quickly. It didn’t need two clips.
All the action can fit in one clip. Here’s the file: button&cursor.txt (5.7 KB)

Copy the content and paste it as a clip anywhere in the timeline

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Merci pour cette méthode que je ne connaissais pas.
J’utilise pour ma part l’enregistrement au format .mlt que je peux ensuite ajouter à n’importe quel projet avec la commande “Ouvrir les fichiers MLT en tant que clip.”

Thank you for this method that I did not know.
I personally use the .mlt format recording which I can then add to any project with the “Open MLT files as clip” command.

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Un des avantages de cette méthode est que si c’est nécessaire, on peu modifier les paramètres des filtres et les keyframes directement dans le projet. Avec la méthode Ouvrir les fichiers MLT en tant que clip on doit faire les modifications avant l’importation et espérer qu’on a les bon réglages.

One of the advantages of this method is that, if needed, you can modify the filter settings and keyframes directly in the project. With the Open MLT files as Clip method you have to make the changes before importing and hope that you have the right settings.

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Saving clips as text files - this is quite brilliant, @musicalbox, and looks like a really useful technique. Thank you!

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Thank you.
But the brilliant move was made by the developers who introduced support for the operating system clipboard in Shotcut version 21.08


Indeed! Great move - but thanks to YOU for highlighting the possibilities!

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You do not necessarily need to use text files and text editor. You can also simply run another instance of Shotcut, open an old project, and copy from it to paste into another project in the other Shotcut window.


True. That was just an example.
And that’s the best method for me. Starting another Shotcut instance, opening the right project and find the right clip takes time. Even more for me because when a project is done, I ZIP it, upload it to a cloud service and delete it from my computer(s). I find it faster to save all clips I think I might re-use in text files, store them all in the same folder with filenames that describes well the content.

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Yes. I am a complete newbie and have only made tutorials to this point. My tutorials need improvement for sure, but they are better with SC. :blush:

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