Is < or > button in Time Remap working if a clip starts at a middle of the source file? And filter area height is too low

If a clip’s In point is somewhere in the middle of the original video file, neither < nor > button is working as I would expect them to work.

The < button creates no keyframe.
If the playhead is on an existing keyframe, it doesn’t move the keyframe.

The > button creates a keyframe, but its position is too low.
It makes the speed after that keyframe faster than the speed specified in the dialog box. The same thing happens if the playhead is on an existing keyframe.

Time Remap’s filter area height is too low, so if the filters dock is too small, I can’t see Input Time and Output Time, often other information.

I made a change to \Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters\time_remap\ui.qml
Line 26 height: 50
Line 26 height: 190

and it appears to be high enough to show all the information.
200 could be even better because the lower edge of the dock is very close to Output Time text with 190.

I’m wondering if the issues you are having with the < and > buttons are similar at all to bugs 1-3 that I reported on back in the beta thread for Time Remap.

Click on the links to the demos for each bug to see what I was describing.

I’m checking your 1-3, but can you remember if you tested with a clip that starts at a beginning of the source file?
If so, none of the three should be happening because < and > are working more or less as expected under such condition.

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