Is it possible to use low pass filter to remove breath noise?

I got videos with too much breath noise because the mic head was heading down versus the mic.

Is there a way to soften the problem using some low pass filter settings?

Thank you :slight_smile:

This would be extremely dependent on the style of breath noise and the recording quality, but my guess is that a high/lowpass filter would be too destructive on the speech itself. Wouldn’t hurt to experiment, though.

Possible alternative (no guarantees):

Try bringing the audio into Audacity or Ocenaudio. Train the denoiser on a strong breath sample and then denoise the track. It may reduce the breaths to an acceptable level.

If this is a critical recording you’re willing to spend money to fix, look into iZotope tools.

Nothing critical. Audacity will surely fix it but its quite too boring to render the final video, extract the audio track, put in audacity, save it again, replace the audio track in the mp4. I hoped for a simple “cut from 0 to 200hz” solution or “use compressor with those settings” :slight_smile:

I can’t eliminate the boredom lol, but maybe we can reduce the boredom. Instead of exporting the final video then extracting audio, try first exporting just the audio using the Wave lossless preset. Process it with Audacity, bring that processed audio back into Shotcut, then render the final video. It will save the video remux step to replace the audio.

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You could test with the Filter “Audio / Noisegate” which is included in the filters section of Shotcut, especially with the adjuster “threshold”.
When the audio is too choppy try adjusting hold time and release time.

Noise Gate

I already use it for some background noise around -45/55db
but in this case the breath is too strong
that i better mute it manually when there is no voice.

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