Is it possible to unsplit?


Once you’ve split a video, is it possible either to move the split position or to delete/suppress it ?


Simply merge the clips again by right clicking the first clip and selecting “Merge with next clip” from the drop down menu. Ctrl-Z will also work (undo shortcut). However, note that you can only do this after a fresh split. The two clips must be from the same source and they must be EXACTLY consecutive (meaning you can’t make a split, trim, then merge).

Wonderful, merci beaucoup !


I dont have this option “Merge With Next Clip”.
And I am editing on the same video. How come it is not there please?
Thank you for your help

From the notes of the release for version 19.04:

Changes and Improvements

  • Removed the buggy Merge with next clip from Timeline clip context menu.

Link: Shotcut - New Version 19.04: Fun New Video Effects

OK thank you very much for your answer.
Then how can I remove a split I inserted by accident without using Undo please?

Extend the clip.

I have the same problem as @jeffy141 , can’t get this option.
Altho’ the undo (Ctrl Z) works but I have done many other actions … and moving the clips around so trying to merge back is a problem as Undo will not work even tho’ both clips are still freshly clip without changes.



Thank but but I dont understand what you are doing here.
You deleted the clip on the right?
Can you please clarify?
Thank you very much for your help


I already explained why.

Sorry I think there is a misunderstanding here.
I dont want to delete the clip on the right. I just need to remove the split and keep the clip on the right and on the left.
Something similar to what the undo button would do.

Ok Ignore my last message please.
I got it.
I extended the clip by first dragging the right click split all the way to the right.
And then dragging the left split clip to the right as well.
Thank you very much for your help.
It is not the best solution as it is not always easy to play around with the dragging etc…
An option to simply remove a split (as before) would be much better and easier.

Yes … I suppose just stay with Undo immediately after any accidental split which works well.
Trying to split and do stuff and then return to try patching up with a merge of 2 clips splitted from the same original video clip maybe not a good idea.

Thanks anyway … try not to do such stuff again.

The Merge function has been restored for the next version 20.06. I rewrote it to effectively do the workaround of lifting the second clip and trimming the out point of the first clip to occupy the space. In addition, filters from the second clip are copied to the first clip, and all fade-in or fade-out (video or audio) are consolidated. Other redundant filters are not and must be manually removed or adjusted if needed.

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Looking forward to the next upgrade 20.06.

On a slightly separate problem on video clips alignment.
Is there such a thing as a “alignment” of all clips based on the video header line.? Something I find helpful in Microsoft world when doing graphs and objects.

I realise now that doing video editing for post (after) effects, can have many clips added and over time can easily can misaligned … trying to realign them can be daunting.

My current approach is to zoom in and visually try to align 1 by 1 on each clips so that the video will not overlap or has a gap. Using transition in many cases is not what I needed so can’t solve this problem with transition other than manually drag and align 1 by 1.