Is it possible to scale down the size of a movie clip?

I want to show a movie clip in a smaller size, kind of like Picture-in-picture.
I tried both Rotate & Scale, and Size & Position, but neither seem to do it.


Not sure what you’re trying to do.

If you use the SP or RS filers to scale a video or image, when you export it, this is what it will look like. The video will export at the resolution of the project.


If you want to make a smaller resolution video then you need to set the resolution before exporting, in the export panel. A 960X540 resolution will export a video scaled to 960 by 540 pixels


This is what I am trying to do:

But based on what you explained, I guess I’ll first render each of the video clips to a smaller resolution, then I’ll bring them in the main project.

You didn’t explain what you wanted in detail. You can do what you want easily using SP or RS filters.

I used RS. 3 video clips scaled to 45% positioned with XY offset on V5, V4. and V3. The png’s are on V2.

It didn’t work :frowning:
Although the video clips I rendered them at 640x480 once inside the main project, they grew up to 1920x1080.
And again, using the S&P filter didn’t help.

For what you want to do you don’t need to render the videos.

Add the video’s to your project. Put each one on a track. Png’s on the lowest track. Use RS or SP filters to size the video’s.

This demo is 3 segments of a 1280X720 video clip on 3 tracks, sized and positioned with the RS filter. Png’s on V2 with overlap transitions.

I appreciate all the work sauron.
I’ll try that.

Now it’s working!

Thanks a whole bunch again sauron!

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