Is it possible to repeat in ShotCut the video (15 seconds) made in Affter Effect

We are looking for a freelancer who can repeat in ShotCut the video made in AE. ( )
Animated overlay - no need to do this.
You don’t need to cut the video either. Only keyframes with filters and transitions

ShotCut is of particular interest because we are developing an application on iPad and we need an open source project.

We will be grateful for any tips.

Reproduced the video 95%+/-.
I could not create the horizontal roll at the 2 sec mark, replaced it with a No Sync vertical roll. Also, Shotcut doesn’t have a proper motion blur yet so I did not reproduce that.
The video was not cut at all. Only keyframes and filter trimming were used.

The project, if you wish to look at it, is here.

AE with (634.3 KB)

Unzip the contents to a folder containing the original material that you provided.


Brilliant! Thanks for the .mlt :+1: :smiley:

it is perfectly ! But I meant to repeat it with the video file - not the animated overlay. the inscription “You Logo” did not have to be reproduced :frowning:
I will be glad if you can only repeat the video sequence, without “your logo”

Apologies for the misunderstanding.
The video only AE with Shotcut MKII

Also made another one with a logo. The logo is the tricky one to make. The video by itself is very simple to do.

AE with Shotcut MK (638.5 KB)


Cool! Thank you so much!
We have a job offer for you.
I do not know how to write in private messages on the forum - please write to me on Facebook - thank you in advance

I don’t do social media.
I’ll PM you later today on the forum.

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