Is it possible to remove camera autofocus rectangle?

As above, just wondering if there’s an easy way to remove the autofocus box from a video in Shotcut. I’m using a Canon EOS M50, and could shoot in manual focus to give clean HDMI out, but quite like the autofocus. Wasn’t sure if there was a way of easily removing this after shooting? I saw a post relating to removing dust/scratches, which seemed to suggest you could overlay the same footage and move it slightly to achieve this? TIA.

Are you sure that the autofocus box is recorded on the phot/video? It would be an extremely silly thing for a camera manufacturer to do.

If I’m recording it to the camera, then no. But I’m trying to record to my laptop via HDMI out. I can get fully clean HDMI out with manual focus, but when autofocus is on, there’s no way to disable the box.

The autofocus rectangle is visible not only on the M50’s screen, but (as everything that appear on the camera’s screen) it also submitted through the HDMI port, so if anyone records from that HDMI signal, it will appear on the recorded footage.
Ofcourse this happens is only when recording the HDMI output, and when recording in-camera, you get clean video. :wink:
So turn OFF that autofocus in M50 to avoid!
Pity that with autofocus switched on there’s no way to turn off the rectangle from the M50’s screen and/or HDMI output.

Yeah, might have to do that. I did just see a video about content-aware fill in Adobe After Effects that might do this. Wasn’t sure if anything similar was available in Shotcut.

OK, thanks for the update. Does the autofocus move a lot about the screen, or is it more or less fixed? If it moves about a lot then I suspect there is no easy way to get rid of it with Shotcut. If it is more or less fixed, it might be possible using one of the filters, but I suspect it is not going to look good.

One possibility, just off the top of my head (not tried it) if the lines of the autofocus rectangle were a particular color and not too thick would be:

On V1 put your video and use the size and position to offset it diagonally a few pixels up (or down) and left (or right).
On V2 put your video and apply the Chroma Key filter choosing the color of the autofocus rectangle. This would get rid of the rectangle lines and show the undelying video there instead.

You may get a few pixels of the underlying video’s autofocus lines showing. It may be possible to stop this by increasing the size of the underlying video instead of (or as well as) offsetting it.

Cool, yeah, that sounds similar to what they’re suggesting here:

There are different modes of autofocus. If tracking face then it obviously moves about a lot, but there are other modes where it can be fixed.

Thanks for the suggestion!

From what I can gather (I will be happy to stand corrected), there is a law in the EU zone that states cameras with clean HDMI output attract a higher import tax/duty and therefore the manufactures only include this on the more expensive models.
Don’t you just love politicians?

However, some manufactures have found inventive ways to circumvent this.
Sometimes it involves a combinations of buttons, others a hidden menu option.
Google is your friend.

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