Is it possible to make audio cross-fade with a filter?

Hello. I want to fade in an audio clip from no sound, but I found using transition (audio cross-fade) and using the filter “Fade in Audio” are different.

In this screenshot, track V1 is how I made, track V2 is what it exported and you can see the audio waveform. The left one is using transition, the right one is using filter “Fade in Audio”; you can see these are different.

The method I’m using now is prepare a no-audio clip, drag to overlap with the audio clip that I want it to fade in to make a transition.
I want to make this cross-fade effect (the left one) with a filter, is that possible? Which filter should I use and how to set?

Hello Walker

Use two audio tracks and add audio fade in and audio fade out filter for each transition.
If the audio source is a video then you have to split the audio from the video first!

Thanks to #2 alex007 for reply, but that didn’t solve my problem.

Here is a screenshot:
In track A1 and A2, the left one is using transition, and the right one is what you said; I exported this video and put it in track V1, you can see they sound different.

I want to use filters to make the effect same to the left one (transition).

Do you get this effect with your created beets?

This is not Shotcut dependent, that’s pure math and physics.

I don’t think the effect you said is what I encounter; by the way, the sources I used in this experiment is all the same, and it is this:

I guess I can use the filter “Gain / Volume” and set many keyframes to make it sound like how the transition do, but this method can’t be exactly same; I have tried many curve in the keyframe setting but no one sound like this.

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