Is it possible to increase the speed of my video more than 50x?

I have a video that is over 1 hour long, and i want to compress it down to about 1 minute. Shotcut doesn’t register any value in the speed above 50x. I need the speed to be at about 75x. So far, I’ve been exporting the video at 50x and then import it again to speed it up again, but I’m starting to wonder why is the limit 50x, and is it possible to eliminate this extra step of exporting just to import it again?


Your point?

Maybe I should I said in the OP that I read that post and it didn’t answer my question. People are so eager to jump in with responses that they don’t properly read the question before attempting to answer. For example: How do you know the post you linked answered my question? The post you link didn’t answer the question at all, that’s why I’m asking it again. Thanks for trying.

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Currently this is the only possible way, and at least in my devices the shotcut road map doesn’t show the suggestion that you need in shotcut. Try to see Shotcut roadmap in detail, if it’s mentioned that the speed limit would be increased, then you could wait for the time it comes or make a suggestion in the #suggestion topic.

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This is the same process he is doing, I think rather than a solution that he already knows, he wants a faster way to do it.

It is limited to avoid bugs that result from the heavy amount of audio resampling required since most times this is applied to a clip with audio.

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