Is it possible to create folders in the playlist?

Hi everyone !
Is it possible to create folders in the playlist ?
In order to organize it :slight_smile:
Version : 19.07.15
System : Windows 10

Thanks a lot !

No Not Yet

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Is this in the requested features list? In fact, where could I browse such wishes and perhaps also some comments from developer(s) on how important each could be considered? (I’m new…)

On the top of the main Shotcut page, under “More” there is a link that says “Road Map”. Here is a direct link.

These mostly come up in the forum from threads that are categorized as “Suggestion”. Click on the Category filter on the main page of the forum and choose “Suggestion” to show only those threads.

Fantastic! Thank You!

For other readers - you can only find “More” link when you are on the Shotcut site (and not in the

The road map is hugely educational - I immediately spot something that implies that something I thought was not working, should be. I will take time and examine what suggestions have been put forth as well.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

You can access it from the forum as well. On the forum page, you have to click on “Site Map” then once you’re there click on “Road Map” that is under the “Other” category.

If I am not mistaken, item 4 “Multiple playlists” might possibly achieve this, assuming we can somehow label / name them so that one mess won’t be replaced with another :slight_smile:

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okay thanks :slight_smile:

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