Is it possible to create a title sign/lower third on the video?

Hello Shotcut forum

I have seen tutorials on how to add text in/on the video with preferred font, size, shape/form, background and colour. I also see that it is possible to add a photo/graphic to the video.

But I can’t see if I can add a title sign/lower third with chosen graphic, etc. in the video editor.
Question; is that possible? Or do I have to make the graphic (lower third) and add it as a photo to the video?

Thank you for your time!
Kindly regards
Ingunn Borren

Yes, it’s possible.
Create the graphic with image editing software. Preferably set the resolution the same as your video resolution, ie. 1920X1080. Make the image background transparent.

Add the image to the video editor, put it on a track over the video. Size and position it with the Size and Position filter or the Rotate and Scale filter.



Hello, thank you for replying and the info! Kindly regards, Ingunn :slight_smile:

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