Is it possible to change the background of a video

Is it possible to change the background of a video. Lets say that I have a video for myself in my room and I want to make the background different .

You can, but not easily. You can use the various MASK filters to mask out the background and delete it (only done easily if you are stationary relative to the camera). You can also use the CHROMA KEY filters (only done easily if the background is more or less one colour). Other than that it is next to impossible to do with Shotcut.

Like Elusien already wrote…
You maybe can try Double-Layer, is meaning, the same clip on top of each other and then using Advanced-Chroma-Key for the background color, but inverted and then you can change the color to what ever you want. The “simpler” the background, the better the result…, for straight outlines.


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