Is it possible to add multiple .mlt's to Shotcut?

Scenario: I have multiple segments of my video saved, let’s say Act 1.mlt, Act 2 .mlt and so on and I wish to add them back to the timelime in sequence for final adjustments after assembly (e. g. change a piece of background audio). I can open Act 1.mlt without a problem, but when I try to open Act 2.mlt to add to the end of the timeline, it replaces Act 1. Is there a way to do this that I have missed?

You can, and you can also trim (select a portion) of that clip, the add it to your playlist or to the timeline.
File - Open MLT XML As Clip

You can not edit these MLT files when you do this. They are acting as a video file, but because it’s not a rendered video it may use up a lot more resources within the preview like with lag.

Beyond your question… You could export your other project files to a lossless video file. This will increase your preview experience when editing.

Thanks, but that doesn’t do what I want. I want to reopen the segments on the timeline as their original clips, but it only allows me to open one .mlt at a time. I could open the ProRes rendered segments, but that makes locating a particular clip more difficult. I guess I will have to work out a new m. o.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just come to Shotcut from Cinelerra_GG because Cin won’t handle my X-T3 clips as well and, funnily enough, I find Shotcut quicker and easier to use too, but some things (like this) that Cin does easily Shotcut either doesn’t do (up to now), or I haven’t found how to do them yet. No criticism of Shotcut intended.

Took me a while to figure out what you’re wanting.

Just one MLT file for editing in one Shotcut instance.
You can have multiple Shotcut windows open.
shotcut_2019-09-23_07-01-39 Taskmgr_2019-09-23_07-02-29

You can open the mlt files one at a time using file open MLT XML as Clip. Or select all the mlt files you want to open in the open file dialogue.

The mlt file(s) will be added to the playlist. You can then add all the clips to the timeline using add all to timeline, or if you’re using the latest Shotcut select the clips and use Add Selected to Timeline. Add any additional audio or video clips, save as 01-02.mlt

It’s possible to split and add filters to the clips on the timeline. If you add any filters or make any changes to 01.mlt or 02.mlt the edits will show in the 01.mlt and 02.mlt clips on the timeline.


Here is a screenshot that it’s possible to do this in Shotcut. You can trim the file, just can’t edit the original XML MLT clip itself.

Thanks, but we don’t seem to be getting there. Let me try to explain differently what I want to do.

If I open a .mlt file in Shotcut it displays in the playlist and loads onto the timeline exactly as it was when saved i. e. as separate clips with all cuts, filters etc. What I want to do is open other .mlt files to add to the end of the timeline in exactly the same way, so all clips are separate and editable (Cinelerra “Add to project and concatenate clips”), which I find convenient. If it can’t be done in Shotcut, then I will have to find another way of working but if it is, that is my preferred way of working.

It took me ages to learn to use Cinelerra, the old QT based one at first, so now I guess it’s going to take a while to learn a different NLE.

The way you’ve explained it here is a lot different than what your original post says. My reply was based off your first post.

But as you explained it now, it’s not possible with Shotcut.

OK, thanks.

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