Is it possible to add different fonts to Shotcut?

Hi, I didn’t find a font in Shotcut that looks matching for my video. On the Internet are a lot of nice different fonts free to download.

Is there a possibility to add other (or external) fonts to use in Shotcut?
Thanks in advance, Have a nice day.

Shotcut uses ANY font installed in the fonts folder on your system. If you want to add a font, download it, and install it into the system fonts folder and it will show up in the fonts dialog when you add text.

Thank you very much. Have a nice day ;-D

This is going back to my graphic design days, but I think at this point, there are generally 3 kinds of fonts: Open Type fonts, True Type fonts and Postscript fonts. I think you should be cautious of downloading Postscript fonts because from what I see, only Open and True Type fonts work on Shotcut.

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