Is it okay to use a video with dynamic B-frames?


In OBS, there is a nvenc setting called ‘Look-ahead’ which allows to use dynamic B-frame.
I tried to turn it off and on, turns out it seems to working fine. So I turned it on for more experiment.

But when I import the video to Shotcut and I notice some “non-seekable source” warning,
And when I export the video it took about 10 times more than I expected.

I checked log of export job and full of this kind of lines appear.

[chain avformat-novalidate] C:/Users/Admin/Videos/2022-08-05 14-36-30.mp4
WILD TIMESTAMP: pkt.pts=[14786816], pkt.dts=[14786048], req_position=[68757], current_position=[0], int_position=[57761], pts=[14786816]

So the question is, is this the problem because I enable dynamic B-frame?

EDIT : By the way, the result video was suprisingly fine. Thanks for making this wonderful app!

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