Is Integrated Graphics Enough for 4k on Shotcut?

Is the Intel UHD 630 Graphics or Intel Iris Graphics good enough to edit 4k on Shotcut. I have a laptop with an i7, 16gb RAM, and intel uhd 630 graphics. Is that enough to edit 4k on Shotcut? I will use a proxy file so is that enough, or do I need a discrete GPU?

Here are the minimum system requirements for Shotcut:

The next version of Shotcut which should be released sometime next week will have an official proxy generator so you can make your proxies within the program while editing.

Here is the documentation on how proxies will work in Shotcut: Proxy Editing

The Open GL thing makes no sense to me. I just want to know if the Intel UHD 630 or Intel Iris Graphics enough for 4k on Shotcut? I read GTX cards and Intel graphics are the same, but RTX cards are good on Shotcut. Is the Intel UHD 630 enough for Shotcut?

Shotcut is still heavily CPU based so I don’t think it’ll make too much of a difference unless you really want to use the hardware encoder for exporting your projects.

I know Shotcut is heavily CPU dependant. Is the i5 enough for 4k? Also, what is encoding when exporting? Is it good? Do I need it? Does the Intel UHD 630 have encoding?

You say that you already have a system with an Intel i7 with UHD 630 and are asking if this is good enough to handle 4K editing. Why not try it and see? Then you can report back whether or not it works for you?

Basically it depends on what you want to do with Shotcut. If you are just applying one or two transitions and a filter or two it probably will work. If you are looking do some major work with filters ir may not, but then again it might.

Actually, I don’t own that laptop, but an planning to buy a laptop with those specs. Would a discrete GPU with 2gb vram be better than the intel uhd 630

You said you have an i7 and now you are asking about an i5. Find out how many cores your laptop has then go to the page I linked you to that tells you the minimum amount of cores that are needed.

It’s not needed, no.

Well, the i5 has 6 cores and i7 has 8 cores. The CPU looks good.
It’s the GPU i’m concerned about. Is the intel UHD 630 enough?
Is a GPU with 2gb vram any better than the Intel UHD 630?

This is from the FAQ webpage:

How does Shotcut use the GPU (or not)?

Shotcut uses the GPU in three ways:

  1. OpenGL for drawing parts of the user interface and showing video
  2. hardware encoding (where available and enabled)
  3. OpenGL for the hidden GPU Effects (filters and transitions) mode

Shotcut does NOT use the GPU or hardware acceleration for the following:

  1. decoding and pixel format conversion
  2. automatic (as-needed) filters to deinterlace, scale, and pad video and to resample or downmix audio
  3. filters that you add
  4. transitions
  5. compositing/blending video tracks
  6. mixing audio tracks

Thus, you cannot expect Shotcut to use close to 0% CPU and much % of GPU when exporting using the hardware encoder because the reading of files and decoding alone becomes a bottleneck to feed the hardware encoder. Also, if you have any decent amount of image processing, you should expect a significant amount of CPU usage especially if parallel processing is enabled (it is by default). Software from other companies may limit itself to one GPU vendor API such as CUDA in order to provide almost entirely GPU-based pipeline. Shotcut has not chosen to go that route because it is a cross-platform solution.

As you can see Shotcut itself uses the GPU very little (see the webpage for why) apart from when the user specifies Haedware Encoding for exporting the final video. Hardware encoding itself may be faster than software encoding however video hardware encoders are designed for speed of encoding, at the expense of file-size (they usually produce a much bigger file), and quality. They are perfect for streaming, but not for producing quality videos. So for Shotcut, in general the GPU is less important than the performance of the CPU and the amount of memory you have on your system.

Thank you for your explanation. For my use case, I’m better off with a cheap graphics card, but integrated graphics will work fine too. Thanks for your help

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