Is Haali codec splitter used by ShotCut?

Is Haali codec splitter used by ShotCut ?

I dont remeber to install this … and trying to install k lite coded I get notified to remover this Haali to install K lite …

Thanks in advance

Be careful with K-lite codec pack.
Make sure you have read all the comments on this forum and else where on the internet
before installing and ask yourself, do you really need K-lite?

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hummm I will do … is it this bad … based on your comment :slight_smile:

Many have reported problems because of it.
Between VLC, SC and other good media players, there is no need for K-lite.
Unless you need certain codecs in windows media player.
But windows media player is so bad anyways, why use it for anything at all?

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I want to use windows media player to download youtube videos and got a tutorial for it
When installing this k lite pops up a windows saying I need to remove haali to install klite … and never heart this haali so I asked if this is necessary to run and export and etc into shotcut

I feel SC stands for Shotcut … and whats is VLC stands for ??

You don’t need windows media player to download youtube videos.
Plenty of ways to achieve that.

SC = Shotcut.
VLC is probably the most widely used media player in the world.
It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
It will play 99.99% of codecs thrown at it.
Not always perfectly but it will try.
And yes, you can download youtube videos with VLC, that is one of the many ways.
Search google for it and ONLY download it from the official site,

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No, Shotcut does not use any codecs provided through the operating system (except when use hardware encoder on macOS or Linux/VA-API).

thanks man for response !

In my experience, about as reliable a browser based solution as it gets:

Works on all chromium engines like Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi, but not Firefox.

VLC is great on windows, but SMPlayer is also an excellent alternative:

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Absolutely. +1

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