Is editing an exported video lower quality than exporting just once

I edit a whole zoom recorded webinar then export it. then upload that to cut it into smaller videos. does the video lose quality in the exporting and then exporting a second time?
I appreciate any helpful advice.

Yes, re-exporting reduces the quality. It becomes noticeable at around 8-9 exports on a average monitor, I mean a monitor that has more than 20inch of display and is 1080p, which most of the people have. If you have even a bigger monitor, it will become noticeable earlier. Let’s take me as an example, I have a LG ultrawide, it becomes noticeable around 6 exports usually, and on even a bigger scale, a 8k TV, which enhances lower quality videos, you can notice that the less the exports, the less the artifacts.

To prevent losing quality, you can set the quality to 100%, which technically still loses quality, but it needs to be exported a lot to be noticed.

Thank you that is really helpful

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thank you that’s really helpful

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For intermediate editing there are also some lossless formats which take a lot of memory space. You can work on these formats as often as you want without losing any information - as its 100% lossless. For final export i would chose a compressed format, like h.264 or h.265. Of course, for all compressed encoding formats you will loose a bit of quality for each new encoding, but it depends on your settings (quality etc.).
Its the same when you save images as jpg for example. If you save them as tiff (lossless) you won’t loose quality.

Brilliant thank you

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