Is composing tracks buggy ? whats the trigger?

To get on with your project for work, I do suggest the following.
Save your current project to a new name with “Save As”.
In this file, delete all transparent graphic video tracks.
Export your current edited track to Lossless/H.264.
Save this current mlt.

Then you can create a new project then just load the exported lossless mp4 file into the project, then add the two graphic video tracks.

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I would even try this, but I dont do anything more then just adding a track. then adding an image.
I can go back and forth as many times I want to, it doesnt change the composing problem here.

somehow it must be saved in the project. if I start a completely new file it works.
I really get tired of this right now. worst thing is that I cant just copy the main cutted and edited track
into a new project, composing completely new tracks.
so end of the story is completely doing everything again from the scratch as it seems.

Unfortunately I had to completely recreate something a while back, after I went back to make a minor change and it would no longer export. It was one of my earliest projects made before I realised how much trouble having GPU processing turned on could cause. By stripping out all the video tracks I was able to save the file keeping the audio tracks and playlist intact so I could import it into a new session with GPU processing turned off and it worked perfectly then - and was improved over the original :slight_smile:
It’ll be a shame if you have to start again from scratch, but sometimes it’s quicker than wrangling with what you have.

Yes you can.
Exporting just the edited track saves all of your edited work on that track into an mp4 file.
Then when you start a new project, you just have to add that exported video (already edited), then add two more video tracks with your graphics.

I know your frustrated right now. Perhaps try this again some other day if your work will allow it.

I never fully understood the playlist. I know how to use it, but maybe I just need a larger project to really utilize it. I’m mainly working with two to six files at a time. I just drag/drop them into the viewer, then to the timeline.

I split my videos into segments of approximately 60-90 seconds to make my workflow easier. Each segment will have approx 50-200 elements in the playlist - backgrounds, narration, clips, sound effects, pngs, chromakeyed animations, video overlays etc…
Having all the elements in one list ready for use and re-use makes life much simpler.
The playlist is such a useful feature in my work, and being able to preserve it on the project that I had to rebuild was a godsend.

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man u (hopefully) saved my day. how did I not got this idea, as simple as it is.
while messing arround with that big problem I didnt see that theres this easy solution right in from of me :slight_smile:

for now I’ll try if this willl work then
thx a lot for that reminder man !!!


I just saw this compositing oddity last weekend for the first time. I can’t reproduce it. I was able to get the third track working after some random combination of moving/deleting/toggling tracks. Now that I know there is some weirdness afoot I’ll try to pay attention next time I encounter it and take a methodical approach to finding the bug. My setup:

Shotcut 18.03.06 snap on Ubuntu 16 LTS with Intel integrated graphics 965GM.

@ stanglow

yeah I tried many ways to work arround it. deleting tracks and undo that helped, though the exportet file
didnt look like it was intented to then. so in the end it didnt helped either.

let us know when it happens to u again.