Invert Wipe For Mask: From File

Currently in the Mask: From File filter the Invert option is used to flip the order of the clip that is above and below but there is no option to flip only the direction of the wipe. This can be done in the Properties menu for a transition clip created but nothing like that is in Mask: From File. For example, if I put text on a transparent clip I can make the text appear with Mask: From File from left to right with Bar Horizontal. Going from right to left will make it disappear. There is no option though from what I see to make it appear with the wipe going from right to left and making it disappear from left to right. If I select Invert in the Mask: From Filter options then it only flips the order of the alpha channel so it makes the letters transparent. Could “Invert Wipe” be added for the Mask: From File filter?

I think this is a good suggestion.
There is a way to do the wipe and a workaround for the alpha channel issue with text.

Take a look at the mlt. For the RTL wipe (3rd and 4th clip) you need to add a thickness to the outline to remove the artifacts. I think it depends on the text size. For this demo I used 6.

LTR-RTL Wipe.mlt (16.7 KB)

Thank you for finding a workaround, @sauron.

I do want to stress though that I’m not making the suggestion for an Inverted Wipe option just for this one instance. I just used it as example.

That workaround is needed only if the text is on a transparent clip.

Maybe you mean this? Instead of a wipe-mask I used horizontal-lines for the mask-file.

Yeah, I know that the simple bar wipes can be done also with the Mask filter but I made the suggestion because of transitions with specific and complicated designs especially those that are custom. The Properties tab for transition has an Invert Wipe option so it’s natural to expect that for Mask: From File.

This has been added as a “Reverse” checkbox to the next version 19.12.

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That’s great! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: