Invert blur pad

I want to blur many times parts out and this blur pad seems to be exactly what I need but… inverted :frowning: Is there not a inverted version?
I use mainly this:
Mask simple form, Mosaik, activate mask.
But its tripple work and always annoying to place.

But you put 3 filters inside the masked region and not just a blur or mosaic. How is that supposed to work in a single dedicated filter? You are asking for potentially hundreds of filters that are essentially just combinations of other filters. That will not fly, but there is something on the roadmap: saved custom sets of filters.

Hi… you… did focus on the other filters…
I asked ONLY for the filter, I have selected ;)…
is there a way to have it as inverted effect, I asked for only this in a vice versa function.

Basically, there is no invert option because what Blur: Pad does is rather special with the key word being “pad.” This filter is intended to provide an alternative way to handle mismatching aspect ratios other than black bars. Prior to this filter, one had to use multiple video tracks and filters to achieve it.

If you add a simple invert option to what simply exists in Blur: Pad then it may also change the size of the video, which is not necessarily desired. So, one would also need an option to govern that. Also, you said “I mainly use… Mosaik.” Thus, I expect you will ask for a mosaic option.

My point is that soon you will able to use:

  • Mask: Simple Shape
  • Blur: ___
  • Mask: Apply

and save that combination as a (pre)set with the name: “Blur Rectangle.” Then, you can make another one using Mosaic in the middle with the name “Mosaic Rectangle.” And you can make another one called Blur Circle, etc. We are also trying to add an on-preview rectangle control to the Mask: Simple Shape. When you combine these you get not only what you want but also thousands of other things others want.

it would be nice, if there where a 1 click mask, you can adjust over a section to blur it out.
but well, yeah I use these 3 filter combo so far.
I never did create a new set made out of 3… only presets for a single filter. Where is the button for making that? And do I then load all 3 by loading it or is it then 1 filter?
Could you make a screenshot, where I can find the save button please.

Thanks for your answer.

I wonder if the Spot Remover filter would be useful for you. It does not blur, but it can obscure things.

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Until custom filter sets are available, there is an alternative method that doesn’t require mask positioning (as long as you don’t need soft edges). For a quick blur I always found it easier to do the following:
Duplicate the video for each blur section you require. Add a crop rectangle filter, position accordingly and then add the blur.

Easily adjustable, including drag for positioning. Each blur element requires a new layer, and there is no softness as there is with the mask option, so maybe not suitable for everyone. Still much faster than masking imo, but the soft mask edges do look better.

My fastest result so far was, to load (left top, files, other) a black color element, drag it down into the timeline and then use the size tool to move it on the spot.

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Thank you, that worked!
Btw. because you are a developer: Thanks for the new update, the Thumbnails who shows the effect are cool!

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