Intermittantly adding photos displays as "invalid"

When I add photos taken with my Google Pixel 7 pro, sometimes, but not all the time, it comes back when trying to view the photo in the timeline, as “Invalid.” The letters are large white letters on a black background. Very strange in that it is not all the time. I am inquiring if anyone has used a free photo enhancer on their photos, to allow the photos to be viewed on the time line and not come back as invalid. Or, is there something correctable in terms of procedure, maybe one step that I am doing unconsciously, that is putting the photo as invalid. If no one has this issue, can you recommend a simple, free, photo resizer/enhancer that I can try. Thank you.

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I’ve had that happen a couple of times but it was a while back.

What is your OS and Shotcut version?

I solved it by making a copy of the offending items and bringing the copy back into Shotcut. If that doesn’t work you could try re-saving with a different name in GIMP or your favourite photo editor, and using that.

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Hi. I’m running 64-bit Windows 10 pro, version 20H2. And it looks like that I have an update available in Shotcut. Slice, let me complete my work in my current version of Shotcut, then do the update. One thing I noticed in attempting to again insert a picture within my video clip, is that the bold INVALID screen came up not after I inserted the still picture, but after I chose the “simple text” filter, and added a couple words to the still. Then it went invalid. To circumvent this, I put the text in a blank space preceeding the picture, using “open other/color.” Strange, huh? Have you heard of this, perhaps related to an older version of Shotcut? Will do the update, and then go from there. Thanks for the recommendation, Slice.

Interesting, and that makes your situation very slightly different to mine (but ultimately with the same outcome - INVALID).

Your solution is a good one, since it adds a layer of flexibility and will allow you to add filters separately to the images and text (if there is a next time, I advise you to include everything in your response to me as part of the original post, since more info is always better than not enough).

Out of curiosity, did you test my recommendations (copy image with windows explorer and import that, or re-save using a graphics program)?

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There was a recent bug that images would not load if the file name or path has “special” characters. May that applies to you.

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Not yet. So far, I tried downloading the picture from Google Photos, then once downloaded, I chose some of the resizing options (4 mp - best for viewing, 2 mp - best for emails, etc). The resizing still ended up as invalid. Will try your recommendation, and also complete my project and update Shotcut. Thanks Slice.

Thanks Brian. Is the bug fixed, in the latest Shotcut version? Will update Shotcut after completing my project, shortly.

The bug is fixed. But not yet in a released version. It would still be good to upgrade Shotcut after your project is over since bugs are fixed with each release.

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Thank you, will do.

Your bug sounds like you may be using a temporary file that went away. Please paste here the full path and file name of the photo that becomes invalid.

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This has happened to me also. I save the project and reboot Shotcut and the problem is solved. I have found this to be the quickest way to get back to work. I hope this helps.

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