Interface Change or Did I Change Something?

Something has changed in my interface, and I wonder if the software was changed or if I changed a preference somewhere. Sorry if I use the wrong terminology.

When I am looking at the timeline, and I want to drag the vertical line to a precise spot to edit at that point, I used to be able to drag the line to the correct spot on the timeline, but now when I drag the vertical line, it stays still and the timeline underneath it moves. This makes it much harder for me to move to the exact point that I want.

Again, I ask, is this a new feature, or did I change a preference, and if so, how can I change it back?

I am using version 21.03.21, running on Mac OS version 10.14.6.

You have turned off snap to playhead. This allows you to stick to a still point when dragging, it looks like a magnet, and it’s just above timeline.

Center the Playhead is activated.

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@Hudson555x screen shot shows the toggle clearly activated.

Hudson555x is correct. It’s the option that needs to be cleared. The “magnet” (snap to playhead) doesn’t have anything to do with this behaviour.

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Alas!, sorry there was a confusion between snap to playhead and center to playhead. Thanks @Elusien

Bingo, that did it. In trying to learn more, I had been exploring the Options, and that must have been when I switched this on. Thank you.


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