Intel Quick Sync Video QSV

I used NVIDIA cards since the beginning of my experience in Shotcut. At the moment I have a superslim pc with an Intel Core i7 CPU. I would like to set the encoder to use the GPU hardware compression. I noticed that Shotcut at the current version, has enabled: h264_vaapi. In the list there isnt the h264_qsv. Please could you tell if the GPU is used or I am working with software? And why I don’t find the QSV in the dropdown list? Thanks.

Just use SW encoding, the integrated GPU in Intel/AMD Chip is not very useful for video encoding, you will properly get better results with using only SW encoding.

In Export click Configure next to Use hardware encoder and then Detect.
Then, click the check box next to Use hardware encoder.

I’d also recommend not using the Intel integrated GPU. I tried it with my surface Pro and it produced poorer quality videos that took up more disk space that the libx264 software encoded ones.

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Thanks for the suggestion. But the speed? It is important in rendering. Is there somebody that knows a piece of hardware that could help? I work with NVIDIA cards, but not all computers can have it: little pc, slim form factor … etc.

AMD Ryzen CPU with many cores, works well for SW encoding. You will need a discrete GPU to benefit from HW accelerated encoding. But one thing is speed, another thing is quality

It always depends on the task. When creating proxies, speed might be more important than quality, and Quick Sync can be valuable for speed even if the quality isn’t amazing. Although, recent QSV on recent processors is pretty amazing now.

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