Intel i5 1135g7 and irisXe combination capability to run shotcut video editor

Is intel i5 1135g7 and irisXe combination capable to run shotcut video editor for YouTube video editing??

The processors meet Shotcut’s published minimum requirements, and you should be able to run the program. The bigger question is how complex your editing needs are.

My system has an i7 1165G7(+irisXe) with 16GB RAM and an SSD, and I can process and export 30fps 4K video and 30fps HD vertical video just fine. I’m usually not doing anything super complex though. If I’m just trimming my videos and doing minor color correction and audio adjustments, I can usually export videos in a little more than the length of the video.

But if I start to do more intensive things like scaling / sizing or stabilization, then preview playback starts to get a little choppy, and exporting using Lanczos (best) interpolation can take 20x the length of the video or more, but it works.

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