Installing transitions into shotcut

I’m curious to know how to install transitions from the shotcut resources page? Shotcut - Resources

Once they are downloaded, where do they go in shotcut when they want to be used?


You do not need to install them. They are just like another media file in your project. You can put it into a project folder if you are organizing like that, or you can copy them to a dedicated library-like space on your system, such as My Videos\transitions and then use them from there. Either way, you choose it by using the Custom option in the UI.

Another approach is to leverage Shotcut favorite button that has a star icon in the transition Properties panel. You can download and extract a bunch into your downloads folder, and then try them out within Shotcut. As you try them and find a keeper click the favorite button and Shotcut copies the transition wipe image/video to a transitions folder in its app data directory (Settings > App Data Directory > Show…). Finally, you can remove the downloads if you want.


Thank you for the detailed explanation. I will keep this in mind. :grinning:


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