Installing shotcut on a smartfridge?

Well, I have a Samsung smart fridge… And you guessed it, like others doing wierd random stuff on it, I am also crazy enough to ask for help to understand if it is even possible on smart fridge, I mean I would use a older version if the fridge can’t run the latest one.
This is something really interesting I want to do, and I can’t get my thoughts away. So :sweat_smile:

I’d say if it has some kind of linux OS it is very likely it can, but make sure you keep your exports short or it’ll heat up and ruin your food :joy: :joy: :joy:


This is the future of computing. Everyone will run local AI and crypto mining on 32 GPUs that are slotted into their refrigerator chassis for cooling. The refrigerator then provides HDMI output. You are a trailblazer, @Ar_D. :rofl:


Even if it doesn’t have it, i would try to install a lightweight version of Linux, maybe zorin lite.

After buying the fridge, I don’t have the money to buy food :slightly_smiling_face:


How did you know I have been doing that, it was a top secret. I have to let the FBI find a clever spy like you
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Hands up!!

Only if I can somehow survive without food, for which I don’t have money for, because I spent it all on a refrigerator that has a screen :upside_down_face:

Seeing the current prices of gpu’s I don’t think even elon musk can afford that :skull:

Lol, you sound like the average new camera buyer in the camera forums. They spend $6000 for a new high-end camera, $3000 for a boring and heavy 24-70mm F2.8 zoom, spend zero dollars on lighting gear (even though photography is all about capturing good light), and then they have zero dollars left over to travel to a nice place worth photographing. Anyhow, I hope you find something to eat soon.


Most mining is done with asics

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Exactly :skull: I think I couldn’t even afford electricity bills now, that fridge be better generating food for the price.
Obviously it’s not real that I have no money to buy food, a but a little bit of fun talk is good :joy:
(I got it as a gift actually)

Actually, I am not into mining stuff. I just buy crypto if I want to, which is, I never buy it.

Gosh that’s expensive. It’s better to buy a sony xperia pro I or mark V at that price, or xioami’s 14 ultra. They both have the best camera i have seen in a smartphone.

Uhmm… Uhmm… I believe we are getting out of topic here… I was asking for technical guidelines, wasn’t I?

I was looking for the usb port, it’s inside the right door cover. There are topics for this xda forums and Reddit, but nothing really seems to actually tell how do they do it :frowning:

I have to look if I can do something, maybe making a usb that formats a device when inserted , just like a killer usb but different task. I will look forward if I can install linux somehow.

Otherwise I will try to buy a revolution r180 toaster and see at least if that can run something.

Jeese, and i thought my new John Deere could do all this…mining?

Actually if seen fr, no :slightly_smiling_face:
Its farming only, I mean you can mine with the excavator (idk if they sell them, all I know is that they sell tractors), but they don’t specifically build it for that purpose. Even if they sell excavators, it’s gonna be for construction, not mining.

Caterpillar or Komatsu can actually do it.

Yes, totally, generative is helpful these days :slightly_smiling_face:
Just tells me to photoshop :upside_down_face:

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Chatgpt is actually providing proper steps (except the part where it tells you how to actually access the storage device). But it assumes it has some sort of disk/flash memory that you can erase and install linux using a PC.

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I would try it, I have to see where is the hard disk or sd card. I already know about the usb port till now.

Stupid me :man_facepalming:, why didn’t I think before of using the sd card on another computer to access boot menu.

Build you the most powerful high performance PC possible for home computing… and install it into your fridge?!
When the developers ask if you need a fan to go with all of the components you’re getting… “Nahh… it’s going in a Fridge!!” :rofl:

Once it’s all done and built and your at home with friends and they ask … “Where’s the PC, the computing looks great on screen, where do you have the PC?” and you be like… “it’s hidden, it’s out of sight!!”
Then they see your fridge next to the computer desk…
“Oh. Hey, Nice new fridge, you got a drink or beverages in there?”
“nope… that’s the PC!!” :sunglasses: :rofl:

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:joy: Verily, thy jest be brilliant! Prithee, envision the visages of mine comrades when I declare yon fridge doth power mine gaming contraption. They wouldst reckon I have truly taken leave of mine senses.

“Hark, behold mine fridge, 'tis possessed of more RAM than thy humble laptop!”
“And what of cooling?”
“Why, who doth require liquid cooling when thou possess a veritable fridge? Mine GPU doth dwell in icy comfort at 4°C!”

Next shall I yoke the toaster to mine service for additional puissance. Crave thou toast whilst thou doth game? No hindrance. Methinks to appoint the microwave to oversee the overclocking. Consider this:

“Doth thy CPU overclock?”
“Indeed, 'tis set to three minutes on high power!”

The crowning glory? Each time I seek a morsel, I may proclaim I am but “updating the hardware.” :pizza::zap::desktop_computer:

English translation:-
:joy: That’s genius! But imagine the look on my friends’ faces when I tell them the fridge is running my gaming rig. They’d probably think I’ve finally lost it.

“Hey, check out my fridge, it’s got more RAM than your laptop!”
“What about cooling?”
“Who needs liquid cooling when you’ve got a literal fridge, right? My GPU’s chillin’ at 4°C!”

Next step: hooking up the toaster for extra processing power. Need some toast while you game? No problem. And I’m thinking of getting the microwave to handle overclocking. Just imagine:

“Is your CPU overclocked?”
“Yup, 3 minutes on high power!”

And the best part? Every time I need a snack, I can say I’m just “updating the hardware.” :pizza::zap::desktop_computer:

Ps:- The top one was written in Viking tone.

No no no… plugging in a new advanced Smart Toaster to your gaming setup guarantees VICTORY in intense battles, every time you activate the toaster…

“Enemy TOASTED!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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